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Sunday, 28 October 2012

iHHC2 - hand held controller for Hillstone AC load bank control


The NEW iHCC-2 from Hillstone is a robust intelligent loadbank controller, that allows common connection of multiple load banks.


The controller allows "on the fly" setting and selection of the required load. 

The load can be quickly set from 0 to max load via 3 robust push buttons: x1 x10 x100.

The operator can also make fine adjustment in 1kw steps in real time via up down increment and decrement buttons.


The iHHC-2 allows for parallel control of up to 8 load banks. 

When multiple load banks are connected in a daisy chain loop, the single controller will control all the load banks.

Feature Upon initial start up of the load bank the display on the controller of the maximum available kw.

Feature THe NEW iHHC-2 uses a 4 line LCD display with high illumination showing 4 digit KW readings.

Feature The LCD supports an 270o viewing angle and allows viewing even in bright sunlight.

Feature The NEW iHHC-2 is compatible with the the 2 types of AC loadbanks models in the product range.

(i)     The standard loadbank displays the default load values at 415V to always be displayed


(ii)     The enhanced real time load display on the iHHC2 incorporates panel mounted power meter fitted to the load bank.  This display the actual load values on the generator or UPS system on the iHHC2.

Existing Customers hand held upgrades

For customers that have the old iHHC controller we can offer an low cost hardware upgrade to the new iHHC2.

We only require customers to supply the M36 serial number of the purchased load bank and we will arrange collection and replacement.

Please contact:                   
UAE: Tel +971 (0) 4  255   9355
UK:   Tel +44   (0) 161 763 3100 

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