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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Summary of Hillstone's published data on datacenters

Updated Dec 2012

White Paper 

#1  Datacenter IST Commissioning, issued Dec 2012

Application Notes

Load banks used for IST Datacenters

Press Articles

November 2012 World in Power magazine on using load banks in datacenter commissioning:              

February 2011 Electrical Review magazine article on cloud based need for testing datacenters


Server simulator load bank        HAC230-6RM and HTM-20 mini tower

Online Movies and Presentations

IST video produced by our partners - Nixen in Poland

Video of using large load banks positioned across the IT space at Gyron Internet UK

Company profile including datacenter testing with load banks

Hillstone load bank presentation with datacenter services

Hillstone IST presentation

Sales offices 

UAE:        Tel +971 (0) 4 255 9355   Mob 00971 503690433   Email: Dubai Loadbank sales
UK:          Tel +44  (0)161763 3100  Mob 00447774 752 858  Email: UK Loadbank Sales

POLAND:  Tel +48 (22) 425 5521     Mob 0048 516182886     Email: Poland Loadbank Sales

Monday, 3 December 2012

Hillstone at Middle East Electricity Dubai 2013

Hillstone will be attending again at the Middle East Electricity 2013 exhibition in Dubai.

Our stand will show case our range of loadbanks including:

  • 19" rack mounted server simulators, 
  • DC load banks with PC discharge software and 
  • AC load banks including: 
    • auto load shedding and 
    • portable UPS / Genset testing units that interface with our LoadView datalogging software

We look forward to meeting new & existing customers from across the Middle East region and further a far.

For further information please contact Paul Smethurst via:
UAE: Tel +971 (0) 4 255 9355   Mob 00971 503690433   Dubai loadbank sales
UK:   Tel +44(0) 161763 3100   Mob 00447774 752 858  UK Loadbank sales

Friday, 23 November 2012

The following IST datacenter blog is issued from the published article in the November 2012 addition of  World in Power magazine.

Prior to the Integrated System Testing phase of the comissioning of a datacentre, the suppliers of individual M+E equipment, such as gen-sets, UPS, HVAC Systems, may well have already completed specific commissioning on their own systems, explains Hillstone’s Paul Smethurst.

Integrated System Testing ( IST ) has become an essential part of the commissioning of datacentres. This final testing procedure brings together the operational running of the individual mechanical and electrical systems to prove the data hall will function to is original design and operating specification.

Prior to the IST, the suppliers of individual M+E equipment, such as gensets, UPS, and HVAC may well have already completed specific commissioning on their own systems.

Hillstone’s managing director, Paul Smethurst explains: “Our range of 19” rack-mounted loadbanks have been supplied to test both HVAC and the electrical power infrastructure. When the rack-mounted loadbanks are fitted into our 20KW Mini-Towers, data halls can be commissioned and even sold to clients prior to ‘fitting out’ of the racks.”

Server simulators or 19” rack-mounted loadbanks form an essential part of any IST procedure. These loadbanks are used to provide an evenly distributed load in the data hall. This live simulation is used to fully test the electrical infrastructure and the installed Heat - Ventilation - Air Conditioning system.

Simulating a mains failure is also recommended as part of the IST procedure.
This will verify the switching sequence performance of the electrical backup system to ensure the power is automatically transferred to UPS and generators.
It also ensures the power can be restored without interruption or failure.

Paul Smethurst explains: “Hillstone’s range includes specifically-designed server simulation rack-mounted loadbanks plus high- powered loadbanks for UPS, generator and battery testing.”

He said: “These loadbanks are also available in the UAE as part of our Middle East rental service. We have supplied server simulators to perform IST procedures on many occasions and have found both major and minor problems in data halls.”

Datacentre problems identified during the use of Hillstone loadbanks over the past four years include:

* Failure of CRAC units resulting in flooding in the data hall.
* Electrical wiring mistakes from PDU to racks.
* Electrical riser overheating due to bad cable connections.
* System design errors.
* HVAC installation faults resulting in pipe failures - a pipe in a hot area actually melted.
* UPS failures.
* Highlighting of inadequate power avail- ability to the datacentre.

Paul continues: “ This is the only time we see people happy when things are going wrong. Our equipment detects these kinds of key problems well before the client has to discover them.”

Hillstone’s business is doing well both in the UK and abroad.  

To date, the company has supported IST projects for customers such as:
  • Media City - Manchester UK (the new home of the BBC Television Centre),
  • Media City - Manchester
  • Sky News Arabia in Abu Dhabi,
  • Telecity London UK (one of the largest co-location providers in Europe),
  • Lynx Telecom in Poland,
  • Volkswagen HQ in Germany.

For further information please contact Paul Smethurst via:
UAE: Tel +971 (0) 4 255 9355   Mob 00971 503690433   Dubai loadbank sales
UK:   Tel +44(0) 161763 3100   Mob 00447774 752 858  UK Loadbank sales

Sunday, 28 October 2012

iHHC2 - hand held controller for Hillstone AC load bank control


The NEW iHCC-2 from Hillstone is a robust intelligent loadbank controller, that allows common connection of multiple load banks.


The controller allows "on the fly" setting and selection of the required load. 

The load can be quickly set from 0 to max load via 3 robust push buttons: x1 x10 x100.

The operator can also make fine adjustment in 1kw steps in real time via up down increment and decrement buttons.


The iHHC-2 allows for parallel control of up to 8 load banks. 

When multiple load banks are connected in a daisy chain loop, the single controller will control all the load banks.

Feature Upon initial start up of the load bank the display on the controller of the maximum available kw.

Feature THe NEW iHHC-2 uses a 4 line LCD display with high illumination showing 4 digit KW readings.

Feature The LCD supports an 270o viewing angle and allows viewing even in bright sunlight.

Feature The NEW iHHC-2 is compatible with the the 2 types of AC loadbanks models in the product range.

(i)     The standard loadbank displays the default load values at 415V to always be displayed


(ii)     The enhanced real time load display on the iHHC2 incorporates panel mounted power meter fitted to the load bank.  This display the actual load values on the generator or UPS system on the iHHC2.

Existing Customers hand held upgrades

For customers that have the old iHHC controller we can offer an low cost hardware upgrade to the new iHHC2.

We only require customers to supply the M36 serial number of the purchased load bank and we will arrange collection and replacement.

Please contact:                   
UAE: Tel +971 (0) 4  255   9355
UK:   Tel +44   (0) 161 763 3100 

Understanding generator wet stacking problems

Part One from our series of informative load bank usage blogs

Regular load bank testing of your generator prevents damage or engine failure that can occur from running under load or below the WET STACKING LEVEL

Wet stacking - the problem:

Wet stacking occurs due to running the genset on a low load.  This in turn prevents the engine temperature running at the required design temperature, typically 100 - 200oC, and results with un-burnt fuel deposits being left and building up in the engine cylinders. 

This fuel build up will over time line the combustion chamber cylinders and cause a reduction in the engine ratings and efficiency, which will ultimately cause premature failure of the generator.

Wet stacking - the solution:

Running the generator on load of 30% - 100% of the genset rating will allow the engine to reach the recommend operating temperature.  This will burn off the choke deposits and discharge lots of black smoke and maybe hot balls of carbon out of the exhaust.

Load banks can be used in two applications to prevent wet stacking, these are:

      (i)     100% load bank testing
As part of regular maintenance and after say running the load bank for 100 hours at low load the load bank testing for between 2 to 4 hours will be sufficient to clear the carbon deposits and prove the generator efficiency.

     (ii)     Installing a permanent load bank with auto load shedding.
A special controller is fitted to the load bank and the generator output to monitor and regulate the load to  ensure a minimum 30% load setting is always applied.

For a complete range of load banks for generator wet stacking testing - Hillstone are your ideal suppliers

UK Sales office                   +44(0) 161 763 3100
Middle East Sales Office     +971 (0)  4 255 9334

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hillstone Middle East Trading LLC NEW office address

The location address for the new Dubai offices are available on google maps

PO Box 61574, Dubai

Office #107, Corner City Building, Near Coca-Cola office, Al Badia-Festival City, Dubai, UAE

Tel - +971 (0) 42559355
Fax - +971 (0) 42514593

Hillstone MET operate under a Commercial License for sales and rental service for Hillstone Loadbanks UK.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Dubai loadbank service center

Hillstone Middle East Trading LLC will with immediate effect automatically transfer all warranty and service contracts for any load banks or battery chargers that have been purchased via any sales channels in the Middle East under its control.

Hillstone MET will be able to offer equipment annual service contracts both on site and at customers facilities

Additional services will include training courses on our suite of software from our offices.

For further information please contact Mr Paul Smethurst - 00971 503690433

Hillstone Middle East Trading LLC

Hillstone Middle East Trading is now officially open for business!

Based in Dubai, UAE - Hillstone MET, has been issued a trading and service licence to allow the sale of load banks on behalf of Hillstone Products Ltd - UK and also to operate a load bank rental fleet.

Hillstone MET will also provide professional services for testing and commissioning as part of mechanical and electrical Integrated System Testing, commonly delivered to the Datacenter industry

The registered office is located at Office #107, Corner City Building, Near to Coca-Cola Offices, Al Badia/Festival City, Dubai, UAE.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Press article on rack mounted mini tower load banks at Telecity -Powergate

During the last quarter of 2010 Hillstone designed and supplied 2.2MW of 6KW 19" rack load banks in 122 portable mini towers, to Telecity Powergate datacentre facility in West London.

The following picture and supporting text was published on  the web site ZDNet UK

To get a picture of how the datacentre consumes power day-by-day, Telecity has hundreds of server-simulators (pictured) available that it uses to mimic the expected power load. 

This helps them find kinks in their power distribution systems before customers put their racks in. 

The modelling lets Telecity stress-test the power systems' response to demand spikes and expected loads.

Photo credit: Jack Clark

Hillstone have 3MW of rack mounted load banks available for rental in depots located in UK, Poland and Dubai  UK: +44(0) 161 763 3100