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Saturday, 24 November 2018

BattLife - Software to Extend Your Battery Life

Hillstone invite you to join the Early Adopter Subscription for the newly developed battery maintenance software app before its release Qtr 1 - 2019

BattLife reduces ROI and extends battery life by combing planned battery testing schedules including: 
Discharge, Impedance, Conductance and Visual inspections in a single app

BattLife will include features such as Reporter, Analysis Predictor, Data Importer
BattLife is vendor neutral for UPS Systems and Battery & Charger Systems
BattLife will be sold on a low cost annual user subscription fee
BattLife Early Adopter Subscription is available on the Hillstone WebShop

The Early Adopter Subscription benefits:
  • Discounted rates for a limited period
  • Open until official release date - end Qtr 1 2019
  • Register to be part of the Beta Testing Team
  • Qualify for Lifetime Stakeholder Status ( LSS )
  • BattLife LSS offers a share of annual sales returns

BattLife_analysis and reporting* modules will predict End of Life and State of HealthBattLife_AI** will maximise the ROI for the battery systemBattLife_Cloud** will integrate team working and transparent auditing analysis* included in first product release** part of the future release program