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Friday, 6 January 2012

Press article on rack mounted mini tower load banks at Telecity -Powergate

During the last quarter of 2010 Hillstone designed and supplied 2.2MW of 6KW 19" rack load banks in 122 portable mini towers, to Telecity Powergate datacentre facility in West London.

The following picture and supporting text was published on  the web site ZDNet UK

To get a picture of how the datacentre consumes power day-by-day, Telecity has hundreds of server-simulators (pictured) available that it uses to mimic the expected power load. 

This helps them find kinks in their power distribution systems before customers put their racks in. 

The modelling lets Telecity stress-test the power systems' response to demand spikes and expected loads.

Photo credit: Jack Clark

Hillstone have 3MW of rack mounted load banks available for rental in depots located in UK, Poland and Dubai  UK: +44(0) 161 763 3100