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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Server Simulator 19" rack load banks in UAE rental depot

The Hillstone Middle East load bank rental depot in Dubai has received its first batch of  19" rack mounted server simulators.

40 load banks of type HAC230-6RM - the versatile 6KW load bank, were instantly deployed to assist in an Integrated System Testing in Abu Dabhi, UAE.  

The IST programme was an extra to the original design and build and the new tenant requested that heat load testing be carried out to establish the HVAC and power operated in the room without hot spots or failure.  

Assisting our direct customer, a datacentre consultancy company in Dubai, a pre-deployment site visit was made by Paul Smethurst - CEO Hillstone Middle East to establish the clients requirements.  

The datahall did not have any racks installed but the 125 ceiling mounted 16A single phase power points allow easy connection to the 19" rack load banks.  A total room loading requirement was established at 220KW

A total of 38 units were positioned over the intended rack locations and 114 connections were made to the  load banks.

The delivery, installation, removal and return delivery was provided by Hillstone's local partner.

The datacentre consultant provided temperature logging devices and oversaw the 12 hour heat test.

The programme took only 2 days on site and gave the pending tenant the re-assurance the datahall will be ready to use.

For further information please contact Paul Smethurst on +971 (0)50 369 0433


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  2. I haven't try to use a server stimulator before . Glad that you shared this to us. I've got an idea.


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